Ship Security Plan

IMS Provides

Ship Security Plans for Cargo and Cruise ships, Ferries and Yachts taking into account the SSA findings

SSP includes Bomb and Drugs Search Plans and guidance on port security, investigating stowaways and procedures in case of terrorist attack.

In addition to producing the Ship Security Plan, IMS can also produce an annotated version of your Classification Society's Checklist, which makes it more convenient for the Classification Society to check the Plan. To date we have done this for DNV, GL, RINA, Universe Security Group and the Panamanian and Hellenic Administrations. Although we have our own Plan format, this can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the Classification Societies and so far we have done this for the Italian and Liberian Administrations.

Since 1986, IMS has been retained as security consultants by over 500 maritime companies, and in 1996 was commissioned by the International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) to prepare the model generic Ship Security Plan (SSP) for all its members. The US Marine Safety Centre accepted this SSP as meeting in full the provisions of the US Coast Guard Code of Federal Regulations.

Port Facility Security Plan

IMS Provides

Port Facility Security Plans for port facilities, taking into account the Security Assessment findings.

IMS consultants generally have a background in military intelligence and security and have spent much of their careers surveying a variety of installations including ports. This means that they are fully conversant with all potential threats to port facilities and because of their experience, are able to identify all security weaknesses and can propose practical solutions to rectify any deficiencies/ non-compliance.

IMS has been appointed as a Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) by the Governments of:

Algeria Greece Malta
Antigua & Barbuda
Greenland Mauritania
Denmark Ireland Norway
Ghana Latvia Saudi Arabia

IMS also provides security plans for the following installations:

Offshore units

Onshore Facilities

Fixed Platforms

Railroad Stations


Oil/Gas Facilities


Shopping Malls


Shopping Malls

We can also assist you in the design and development of emergency response plans which complement your security plans and which address incident management at the corporate level, in response to an event which threatens the security of a vessel, or port facility. In addition, we can assist you to develop corporate security and emergency response policies which address vessel/ port facility and corporate functions.


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