Test of Security Plans

Testing of PFSP will be carried out as an exercise, and may include participation of relevant authorities, local emergency units, company or ship security officers, journalists and relatives. The exercise will improve the general understanding of the plan among the port facility personnel and should be carried out at least once a year (ISPS §18.6 Part B)

Verification of Security Plan

IMS assists Governments, Maritime Authorities, Ship Companies and Port Authorities to verify that a given Security Plan is conforming to current maritime security legislation (ISPS, USCG/Homeland Security standards or other national or international standards).

Security Plans for initial verification must be sent by courier or by encrypted mail to:

Risktec Solutions
The Malt Building
Wilderspool Park
Greenalls Avenue


On-Site Verification

IMS provides On-site Verification of security plans including checking and advising on physical security measures.

Our Security Surveyors are located in strategic geographical areas around the World.

Tel. +44 12 33 820784