Drills & Exercises

Design and Delivery

Exercises are an essential tool to validate contingency plans, improve response procedures and to prepare personnel to manage an emergency/ security incident. The ISPS Code introduced a number of mandatory requirements regarding drills and exercises for both vessels and ports.

IMS can support you in the design and delivery of emergency/ security management drills and exercises, either for individual vessels/ port facilities, or for multiple entities and the corporate incident response structure. Exercises developed can be either discussion based workshops, table top exercises, command post or live exercises. Our consultants will work with you from the outset to ensure that any exercise delivered is relevant, practical, and realistic and provides a safe learning opportunity. The output from the exercise will be a post exercise report which benchmarks the exercise play against the objectives and which provides detailed recommendations, based on consultation with your designated personnel.

Mandatory ISPS Port Facility Exercise (MIPE)

One of the mandatory exercises identified in the ISPS is the MIPE. Testing of the PFSP will be carried out at the client's location as an exercise, and may include participation of relevant authorities, local emergency units, company or ship security officers, media and relatives.

The exercise will improve the general understanding of the plan among the port facility personnel and should be carried out at least once a year (ISPS code 18.6 Part B). The port/port facility will receive a report based on the results of the exercise. The report should be attached to the PFSP.

As well as ensuring compliance with the ISPS code, exercises will help to develop and maintain preparedness for security and emergency incidents.


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